Update on Rental Market – Nice Units Rent Fast – Even in Slow Market…

 This article was original posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at our old website

Update on my March 20, 2009 post – It’s Back to Basics.

I’ve been in the Property Management business for going on 20 years now.  I actually got into it by accident because clients that lived out of the area especially wanted someone here local to watch out after their investment.

Over the years, the practice of property management has given me many insights into “what to do… and what not to do”…

So while I was a little nervous about the rental market as reported in my last two posts, I was reminded again that when you have a property with great curb appeal, that is updated and bright & clean inside…?   You just don’t have to worry too much if you have priced it fairly, which we did.

Click Here for a look at the WebFlyer we used to attract new tenants.

Our clients had purchased 2 duplexes on this street, each one with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath and a 2 bedroom, 2 bath side.  We now have “approved applications” with “holding deposits” for move in with rents are $1,200, $1,250 for the 3 bedroom sides and  $1,100 for one of the 2 bedroom units.  

In addition we have two applications pending for the last remaining 2 bedroom.

The bottom line in my opinion is that if you the investor provide a great curb appeal and a nice unit inside, you’ll have many happy prospective tenants wanting to live there and pay you top $$$.


In the mean time…?



A Nice Rental Unit Does Get Attention Even In a “Down Market”….

Friday, March 20, 2009

UPDATE ON MY LAST POST – Rents – Flat/Falling…?

As you may have read from my post a couple of days ago I had some concerns regarding the current Rental Market in the region.

To bring you up to speed, we have approved a tenant for the 2 Bedroom/2Bath side on Trovita Way and have an application that looks good on the 3 Bedroom side, a young couple with 3 kids.   The rents that we will get are $1,095 for the 2 Bed/2Ba side and $1,250 on the 3 Bed side.

We’ll update you as soon as we have received the Holding Deposits for these tenants, which is what we consider to be a firm commitment to rent.

In the mean time….?


I Think Rents Might Be Going Down a bit… But so are interest rates…

Some Anecdotal Stories – is this a trend.?  I don’t know for sure.

We’ve been experiencing a little downward pressure on rents in some areas.. I think.

Remember when someone tells you the words, “I think”… it really means they don’t know for sure. Let me explain further here… and I’ll let you be the judge…


Last November we closed escrow with a young couple that purchased their first investment property which was a Duplex located at 2721 El Caprice, Rancho Cordova, Ca.

They elected to do much of the work themselves and had one side ready for us to show about the end of November.  Even with the holidays we had a tenant in place on the completed side for $1,100 per month that moved in on December 5th.

The other side was not completed until about the middle of December or later.  When we hadn’t rented it up by the end of January I didn’t get too worried because historically it is a little slower during those months of December and January.

It wasn’t until the middle of February that I began to notice other units we manage were taking a little longer to rent so we decided to lower the rent to $1,000 per month to see if we couldn’t get a little more action, which has been what was needed.

While we still haven’t placed a tenant in this unit yet, we’ve had 3 applications given to us but the 1st two didn’t qualify because of credit or income issues that we discovered during the “screening process”.


Last August we leased up for a client a 3 Bedroom Duplex unit at 6834 Woodmore Oaks in Orangevale that is next to a 7/11 Store for $1,250 per month.

Fast forward to this year we are now marketing for rent a 3 bedroom 2 bath unit at 6826 Trovita Way, Citrus Heights that is only about a mile away from the Woodmore Oaks property above.

The Trovita Way Duplex has the exact same floor plan as the Woodmore Oaks property with Trovita having just about a total remodel/update that included:

  • New carpet,
  • New two color paint scheme in & out along with new 6 panel colonial doors
  • New appliances,
  • New tile shower enclosures and new tile floors in all the high traffic areas,
  • New sod in the front with new shrubs to accent some of the mature plants already there and a big clean up and upgrade of the backyard landscaping as well along with other items to long to list here.

While we did try and market this property while the “fix-up” was in progress, it wasn’t until we lowered the “asking rent” from $1,250 down to $1,200 per month that the phone started to ring a lot more often.

In the last few days now, we’ve shown this unit to 4 or 5 prospects.  We’ve already received an application on the 2 bedroom unit next door.  As of today, March 18th we’ve had a lady that saw the unit last night call and say she was going to send in her application and pay her application fees so we’ll see.  In the meantime, we’ve scheduled another showing at 5:30 this evening.


We had a nice 2 bedroom 2.5 Bath TownHome on Briar Ridge in a great area of Citrus Heights that stood vacant for about 2 and 1/2 months.   Now keep in mind,  we got this back vacant in the middle of November of last year.  I hate it when a tenant moves out during the “holiday” period because it does slow down then as I said above.  The rent for this Town Home was $1,250 for over 4 years, but when it didn’t rent up right away, the owner did give us the authority to lower the rent to see if that helped.

So to make a long story short when I was showing a single story town home in Folsom, to a prospective tenant, he wasn’t satisfied with the size of this place and asked if I had something else in a good area.  Well,  he’s the one that ultimately rented the Briar Ridge Town Home at $1,150 and he wasn’t afraid to negotiate a deal.  We gave him 1/2 off the 1st month’s rent as well.


I’ll have a better feeling in the next couple of weeks when we have some more inventory come up to be shown, but it looks like it’s become more of a “tenant’s market”.

Come back for ideas of how to keep your rentals filled in a down market later.

As For Interest Rates…?

Our company shares some space with Sunrise Vista Mortgage Corporation and a Credit Repair company.   One of their loan officers came into my office today and let me know that the Fed is driving down rates to the point that he feels we’ll be in the 4% range soon…

NOW…..In the mean time…?


More Good News in Sales in the Sacramento Region

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Old News If You Follow this Site – Check it Out Below

I was reading this mornings Sacramento Bee article by Jim Wasserman and thought I’d share it with you.

Novice investors turn repos into rentals

I hope you enjoyed the read.

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