Happy Thanksgiving…!!

From Ralph Waldo Emerson

For flowers that bloom about our feet;

For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;

For song of bird, and hum of bee;

For all things fair we hear or see,

Father in heaven, we thank Thee!



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We are hitting hurdles in buying first home. We got a short sale home & have to close escrow next week.!!

Our loan processor is not responding.   The initial escrow date they gave us was 3 weeks.   We could not get hold of the loan processor.    Is there any thing we can do to extend out escrow date …?  How does it work please let me know…

Is is “panic” time…?    I don’t think so.   This was a question asked by a first time home buyer on Trulia.com

Take a look at what I and other professionals had to say about this kind of situation by CLICKING HERE.

Make it a Great Day….

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Can Tenant Move in Videos Save an Owner Money…?

Tenant Tries to Blame the Owner for a Bad Shower Enclosure that She Broke.

We manage a Duplex which had a pretty nice shower enclosure broken by a tenant that now needs to be replaced.  She claimed her daughter just leaned on it and it then fell and broke in pieces.    She further told one of the ladies in our office that it was “already taped up” and defective when she moved in and did not feel responsible for it’s replacement.

Click the video below and pay particular attention to the Shower Enclosure.

I don’t think this is “normal were and tear” do you..? I mean just because you don’t own this property doesn’t mean you don’t have some responsibility to exercise reasonable care of it.

Now you know and I know the Landlord/Tenant laws seem to always defer in favor of the tenant.    Therefore this is the reason you see Landlords and Property Managers forming “trade groups” like the Regional Housing Association of Sacramento and the California Apartment Association to become “more professional” in dealing with tenants.

If this tenant doesn’t pay for the cost of this shower enclosure,  we will deduct the cost of replacement  out of her “security deposit” when she moves.      Now the question is…  if she decides to takes us to small claims court will the Judge rule in our favor…?  I don’t know because you never know what a Judge will do… but I think my chances are much better because I have this “move in video”  with her in it.

What do you think…?

Make it a Great Day…

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There’s Something About Fall in Folsom, California

We’ve have had some unusual but great weather this year with an above average amount of rain.    And, now that Fall has arrived, we’ve had some perfect weather that brings out the colors of the season.

I gotta tell you, when I moved to Folsom back in 1989, I don’t remember seeing this much color because just about all of  the neighborhoods were new.   Because the neighborhoods were new homes,  the trees were  small and had not matured like they have now.

So now that I’ve been here for over 22 years, it’s not just me that’s that aged and matured.    As you will see in this slide show of the area,  we now have a suburban area with an abundance of mature trees that give our town even more character and makes us unique in my opinion.

I took these pictures over the last couple of days.

Click here for a slide show taken at various areas around town.

Make it a Great Day…!!

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How Bad is This Neighborhood to Live in…. 95815?

Take a look at what I and several other real estate professionals had to say about the Del Paso Heights area.

I’ve been out to the Del Paso area near Del Paso Blvd and Arden Way,  because we manage property there.   I had also met a potential seller who was thinking of selling a property she owns in the area.

A prospective home buyer who has been looking in the North Sacramento/Del Paso Heights area was on Trulia.com asked the above question.

Take a minute if you would and click here to see what we said about this area.

I’ve also done a little more research and have some interesting stuff here below about that area that I’d like to share.

In the mean time…

Make it a Great Day…!

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Is It a Good Time to Buy Real Estate? A Guest Columnist Makes Some Points

The time to buy is much more than just statistics and trends

By Kala Bell

In the world of real estate, agents are sometimes perceived to be rather vague with the public on the topic of a good buying time.   Truth be told, there isn’t one stretch of time that will be perfect for every potential home buyer, even if the prices are good and sales are up. A time of year when sales are thriving and prices are down may work for some, while other prospective home owners may take a liking to another time of year.

Buyers should be taking a number of factors into consideration during the time of looking for a new house. The factors could include things like financing, location, market trends, and income. Plenty of other factors will often come into play during the buying process, but making a decision can usually come off of a few different things that are important to the buyers.

Often times, trends and statistics play a huge part in the decision process, as prices often fluctuate. When it comes to Sacramento area real estate, median prices took a steep fall in 2007-2008 and have stayed steady from 2009-2011 for the most part. Sacramento’s median sale price has sat around $190,000. The average sale prices have also showed good stability by staying put. The Sacramento area rent has slowly climbed throughout the year, possibly influencing those on the fence between a lease and buying.  Sacramento apartments are sitting around $975 a month, going up over $100 in the last year alone.

For the past three years, the median prices have stayed mostly steady, even experiencing a few small falls and rises. Some experts feel that resurgence could take place in the real estate market next year, even though a good prediction is tough to come by. Even with the skepticism from some, the Sacramento market could experience a small resurgence and rise from the steady numbers that have come in through the past few years.

A good signal for buyers is the overall rise in inventory and listings over the past few years in Sacramento. Even though the availability of medium priced homes has gone down, the Sacramento area does still have a plenty of listings for prospective buyers.

Potential home buyers should continue to list off a main set of factors and considerations during the buying process.  The statistics are certain to fluctuate over time, as figures such as sales and inventory can often change from month to month. In real estate, determining when a good time to buy is is more so about the situation of the individual rather than the recent prices and availability. If a family or potential buyer goes into the process by staking out the needs and factors which best apply to them, they will more than likely make a good choice on a home in the long run.

Kala Bell is a free lance columnist.   She can be reached at kalabell86@gmail.com

In the mean time…?

Make it a Great Day…!!!!!

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