There’s Just Not Much Inventory These Days…!

I don’t care if you are looking for a Single Family Home, a Duplex or even a Small to Medium sized Apartment Complex.

I think it’s called a “feeding frenzy“.    Because, if you ask just about any active Real Estate Broker or Agent in this area, they will all tell you the same thing.  There’s really no inventory to speak of.   And by the way… This is “old” news to those of us in the business.

The Sacramento Bee is finally getting the memo… They came out with a story about investors just a couple of days ago.  Check out their report.

I’m actively working with several investors that have been looking for properties all up and down the ranges.   From a Custom Home in El Dorado Hills to Duplexes in Rancho Cordova.

Click here for a quick story regarding the Custom Home with the multiple offers on 820 Katie Way, El Dorado Hills.

One more little “anecdotal” story from my own experiences.

Yesterday, a Duplex at 6938-38 Tarocco Way hits the market in Citrus Heights.   Click here for the “pro-forma” cash flow analysis. Incredibly as I predicted,  to a couple of my clients, this place didn’t last long.   The agent wouldn’t tell me what its “pending price” is, but he did say they had 6 offers on it.   Not bad for just “one day” on the market.

By the way… take note on the “pro-forma” that I had the offer price at $200,000 because based upon their income it pencils out pretty nice.    We’ll have to wait and see what the final “sales” price is.

In the Mean Time…?

Make it a Great Day..!

Ed Favinger, Broker, CRS, GRI, SFR    916-203-1260

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Bank Owned Custom – American River Canyon North

Open House from 12:30 – 4:oo PM – Saturday, April 21, 2012

Come on by the home located at 258 Cascade Falls Drive, Folsom, Ca 95630 tomorrow and take a peek.

If you are not familiar with this neighborhood, then you owe it to yourself to swing by and take a look a this home and the surrounding area.

By the way… if you want to see a quick VIDEO of this home, click on the picture shown above.

Schools, Parks and Neighborhood Shopping are nearby.   Don’t forget the Folsom Lake Recreation area is also just around the corner.

Come on by… I’ll be there tomorrow so, come on out.. it’s supposed to be some great weather.

In the Mean Time…?

Make it a Great Day..!

Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR    916-203-1260

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Some Disgruntled Tenants Will Say Almost Anything to Get Out of a Lease..!

Did you hear this story about some angry tenants suing the owner…?

We as Property Managers do our best to make sure that any home or apartment that we lease up is in good condition.  This would include making sure all the appliances work, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed.

We also like to make sure its clean and ready for occupancy.

As part of the process we do an extensive review of the Tenant Application(s) that include a credit/past evictions check, employment and income verification.   We might even ask for copies of bank statements if you are self employed to verify your ability to pay the rent.

But you know…with all that, there’s something new we’ve added as well… and that is the “google search” of your name if you apply to rent one our properties.    Because,  prior to doing a “google search”, and even with all the other research we’ve done, you can never predict with a 100 percent accuracy what a tenant will be like.  We feel that every bit of information we can get about a person will help us in our search for the right tenant.

So with that said, do you think the folks that are the subject of this article would be great tenants…?

You be the judge.   Here’s the story…

Toms River Couple Sues Landlord Over Alleged Paranormal Activity

Let me know what you think..!

In the Mean Time..?

Make it a Great Day…!

Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR     916-203-1260

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Another Bank Owned Property With Multiple Offers…!


I held this home located at 820 Katie Way, El Dorado Hills open on Sunday, April 1st.   And you know…  It turned out to be one of those crisp & cool early Spring days with some light swirly winds.    Visibility was incredible I think because of the rains the day and evening before.

In other words… The day had a lot of energy and the Buyers were “out kicking tires” so to speak.   I thought I’d just share a short video that I took from the upstairs Bonus Room Deck.  From this point you could see Folsom Lake and the Skyline of Sacramento.   The video is not HD but I think you’ll get an idea of how nice a day and the view was from this place.

[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”336″ height=”280″ wmode=”transparent” /]

By the way… so far there are about 5 or 6 offers on it.    I’ll keep you posted.

In the Mean Time…?

Make it a Great Day…!

Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR     916-203-1260  

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