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If you are looking for a Home or Real Estate Investment in Folsom or El Dorado Hills…?   We’ve got them all here.   You will be able to find for example homes in Empire Ranch, Briggs Ranch, Lexington Hills, Broadstone or Hillcrest homes on this page.

Check it out and do your own searches… and… no you don’t have to sign in or give me any information…   but I’d like your feedback if you have the time…


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A Rare Rental in Empire Ranch… Backs up to the Golf Course

Take a Drive by 1796 Langholm, Folsom, Ca


This is a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom, 3 car garage.

$2,850.00 – We mow the grass too…!


Parks… Schools…Folsom Lake recreation area and lots of neighborhood Shopping all close by.





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Flips… Are They For You…?

I’ve got some “before” and “after” videos for you.   This one was an easy.

Earlier this year I was previewing homes for some Buyers I was working with and came across this property located at 106 Haskins Court here in Folsom.   It was a Bank Owned Home and was listed at the time for $305,000

Of course they had multiple offers on it..!    I know because I represented a “Cash” Buyer with an offer of $320,000 but we didn’t get it.   No,  It sold for $324,000 to another “cash buyer” and closed escrow on March 1, 2013.

The new buyers have since re-listed the property at $399,900 on April 18th and about 2 weeks later it went to a Pending Sale status on May 1st.

Since it was vacant still I went over there and did a follow up walk through video because I was curious myself to see what they had done to get it back in shape.

I have two videos for you… A “before” and an “after”.

Here’s what it looked like when the current owner purchased it – “Before Video”

Here’s the “After” the fix up video.

I’ve been involved in a few “fix ups” the last couple of years and with the exception of a new roof,  there really wasn’t much to do except a clean up in and out, new paint, new carpet and that was just about it from what I saw.

Let me know what you think.

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Another Great Day in Folsom, California

If you are thinking of moving to the area… Here’s some pictures to show you what a day is like here.

I was out and about today and thought I’d share some pictures of just some parts of the town that I have called home for 24 years now.

You’ll get to see some of the parks, some homes, Folsom Lake, the nature trails and preserve, The Historic District and the Paladio.

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Ed Favinger, Broker, CRS, GRI, SFR, CDPE      916-203-1260

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Affordable Housing in Folsom… Another Law Suit…

And you wonder why prices of homes in California are so high…?

I thought I’d share this story from the Sacramento Bee today regarding a recent “settlement” with Legal Services of California.

Now while I’m not a big advocate of government forcing developers to set aside land for “low income” residents the reason I posted this article is to show you what the average rent for an apartment here in town is.


You’ll have to read the short story… that information is near the end of the reporters story.   You might also want to check out the comments section as well…. The article is below.


Folsom, affordable housing advocates settle long-running feud


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More Old News From the Sacramento Bee – When It Comes to Real Estate

I’ve Been Telling Folks For Years That They Had Stopped Building New Homes Here.

I can case you haven’t yet seen this article from the Sacramento Bee,  I’ve got the link for you below.

However… I have to add that the only reason prices haven’t climbed higher is the still high unemployment in this area.    When that gets better, you’ll see prices and demand really go up and new homes coming on the market.

Sacramento area home builders struggle with rising demand, lack of ready lots


Now… In the mean time…?

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Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR, CDPE     916-203-1260

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This Real Estate Market Needs Sellers…

Short Inventory Will Cause You To Bump Into The Same Folks Looking At The Stuff You Are.

This was the case for us on Sunday, April 7th.

We are marketing a Duplex at 7243-45 Castilian Court, Citrus Heights and had scheduled an “open house” tour for a couple of hours starting about 12:00 PM.     

I met a Buyer that had written an offer on this duplex at the property and then decided to look at other similar properties open that day.   At a couple of places we ran into the some folks we’d seen earlier.

Later that day I was showing property to a lady looking for a single family home in Roseville.   At every home except for one, there were folks either coming out as we were going in or coming in as we were going out.   On more than one occasion we ran into familiar faces that we had bumped into earlier in the day.

Just another day in Real Estate in a short inventory environment.

If you know of someone thinking of Selling a their home, selling a rental property or apartment complex, we’d like to know.


In the Mean Time…?

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Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR, CDPE    916-203-1260


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Just Passing On a Video – “Another Stick in FHA’s Spokes”

The same old story… I’m from the Government and here to help you…!

You know folks, when it comes to real estate in this country the Federal government’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department never ceases to amaze us.

I thought I’d share this video Brian Steven and Frank Garay that explains it all.   Click on the image below to see the video and then let me know what you think.

Logo of the Federal Housing Administration.








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Equity on the Rise in California…? Read it Here…!

Low Inventory = Multiple Offers = Rising Prices – The Silicon Valley Spillover…?

Don’t Believe Me…?  Go to any weekend open house and watch the traffic.

I don’t care where you go these days in this region because what you’ll see are lines of cars parked to look at these “open houses”.

Last Saturday, I was out and about looking at property in the area for some investors I am working.  My 1st stop was at a home for sale in Roseville on Petruchio Way that has a list price of $549,000.

The agents who have this home listed held it open from 2:00PM to 4:00PM.   I showed up around 2:15 and couldn’t believe the crowds of buyers with and without agents viewing this property.    This is large home but I was bumping into folks in just about any room I entered.

The neighbor who is a good friend of mine said there was still a crowd there til about 4PM.


Then later on that afternoon,  I was in the Rosemont area of Sacramento looking at a single family home located at 3201 Korovo Court that is a “short sale” listed at $149,000.

Just like the  home in Roseville, I was not the only guy in there.  It was amazing how many people were out looking.

The listing agent advised everyone on the MLS that offers would be presented the next day.  Sure enough… it sold the next day for I’m sure a price well over the list price.  The investors I’m working with made a “cash offer” of $160,000 and didn’t get it even though it did need some work.

This morning I wake up and get an update from RIS Media about Silicon Valley.   Take a look at that short article I’ve posted below and you’ll realize with me that we are in the middle of a bubble or a boom.   I think it’s more like a boom because the only thing holding back this real estate market now is the chronic unemployment.

January Housing Update:  Nothing Left to Buy in Silicon Valley

If you have had the same experience.. let me know.  I’d like to hear your feedback.

In the mean time…?

Make it a Great Day…!

Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR, CDPE     916-203-1260


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