Secrets To Buying a Bank Owned/REO Property

Why it’s not always best to be the 1st one there.

Just a couple of days ago I posted the Cash Flow estimates for 2 duplexes in the area.  If  you go to:  10069 Nebula, Sacramento  and  10390 South White Rock, Rancho Cordova you’ll get the figures.

The secret…?   is that both of these properties have been in and out of escrow and when this happens in this market, I know it’s not because the Buyer couldn’t qualify. 

In my opinion, a Buyer looked at the property more closely and after reviewing the condition and what was needed to bring it up to a “rent ready” condition, the price the Seller was asking is not what “the market” will pay.  This is what has happened to both of those properties above.  They have both been on the market for quite some time.

If you are looking for an investment property such as,  a Duplex, Four-Plex or Multi-Unit Apartment Complex, contact me for a quick “Cash Flow Analysis” and a “Comparable Market Analysis”.    In addition to that, I’ll give you the “history” of this property, especially the recent history because if’your prospective property has been in and out of escrow, you’ll be able to make a much better deal.

REO/BANK OWNED Sellers and their Brokers hate it when a deal falls through and when this happens, the next deal will be at a lower price in most cases.  The Banks and their Brokers know this…. AND NOW….? SO DO YOU…!!!

Call me at 916-203-1260 or just send an email my way.  It doesn’t mater what kind of property you are thinking about purchasing, I’ll have the best analysis to help you make the right decision especially “the history”.

In the Mean Time…?